Hi There.

I'm Jason Davila

I love to create applications & websites that users find easy to use and informational, ultimately leaving a lasting impression.

Who me?

My career path has taken me through many experiences, allowing me to be a diverse designer. I'm an unusual hybrid of a web and marketing guy, a UX/UI application & product designer. I've designed for startups to SMBs to Ciscos. My passion lies in creating optimized user experiences, clean user interfaces and lasting experiences for the user. If it seems easy to use, then a lot of though must gone into it.

What inspires me

Mountain biking & the great outdoors

The best way for me to clear my head and spark some creativity is to get on my bike and ride the Bay Area hills.

Music addict

Hi, I'm Jason. Purple Rain was my first album and I am a music addict.


Cooking is therapeutic after a long day of work. It also allows me to be creative in different ways.

Lowbrow art & illustrations

I've never been one to like mainstream or the norm. Something about these things make me smile.

What I Do

I'm like the Chalupa of design. I'm a visual designer, wrapped in a web designer, enclosed in a UX professional, topped with a sense of humor and cheese.

UX & UI Design

Clean & contemporary interfaces for application, web and mobile.

Web & Marketing

Web design & development and marketing strategy.

Interaction Design

Workflows, maps & flows, prototypes and specification documentation.

user research

Competitive analysis to usability & user testing to beta testing.

Featured works

See some of my latest featured work.


I'm currently available for freelance work.

Contact me

Feel free to reach out. We can talk design, music, mountain biking or beer. I look forward to hearing from you :)